Ilhan’s response to Blas Falconer (1)

I have a need for levity
for balloons that quiver and expand, that take
from me the heavy burden of life; of time.
Like the line of the register, I need lightness 
like the resilience of fruit pips, 
the silent passing that reaps all seasons,
strength of labourers' calloused hands,
the distance at which men and women 
walk together, protecting the fresh, 
new feelings of beginnings.

I need the unquestionable survival of trees,
will of starlings to shoal the sky 
and the lightness this lends to me.
This, when my journey is heavier than heavy, 
stretching longer and longer, 
I tell myself to believe in magic, 
even if it's short or fleeting.  

Like, when clouds trail up and off, 
I stare at their feet and that joy of blue 
until my whole self takes sides with beauty.
And ask, should I favour being filled 
with love's radiant pomegranate?
Say what you will, I'm ready to believe.

İlhan Sami Çomak, Februry 2021

Translated by C.Stockford

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