Ilhan’s response to Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Before looking to that clean corner of shade and budding lilac
I washed my face and hands with copious water.

Now, so refreshed. Resolute as a drop on the rim of a glass, 
in its will to find ground.

Taken in by your words I passed a time or two, following you:
How good that I did.

In case there is no rock, let the East Wind take refuge in my body.
May it shelter in the ringing of our voices as we sing songs by moonlight. 

And don't forget, please don't forget: the outstretched hand of the river accompanies us too. In meadow's taste is knowledge of far distant places.

I saved myself from stumbling before, and will, once more,
And yet 'the weight of the world is love'*, is love, is love..

My fears are all within me, my freedom too.
Barren minds weigh down dark night and the devotion of moonlight.

Light one more candle, please.
A candle to accompany the weight of the world.

Let us protect the trembling flame.

Ilhan Sami Çomak's response to Jeffrey Cyphers Wright's 
poem 'Star Harbour', March 2021

Translated by Caroline Stockford
*Allen Ginsberg 

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